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Passionate about bringing floral goodness to the people! 

We just want to spread the wonder of flora out into our community. So Arcadia aquatic offers a mix of services to local businesses and also retail to spread local flora far & wide.

Driven by Values

Arcadia aquatic is founded on a clear mission - 100% local & natural flora that elevates & celebrates all life phases of plants & flowers.

This clarity of values drives every choice we make & all that we offer

Grounded in Design

Founder, Sky Allen​ brings a background in landscape architecture and public space design to Arcadia aquatic. Applying the design  skills of thinking about the human experience of place, space, form & materials to flora. Sky is passionate about celebrating our specific bioregion, the essence of what makes Adelaide. 


Striving for a Positive Impact

Our core values extend to how we can minimise our negative impact & maximise our positive contribution.  

Learn more about our sustainability approach here.

Building Connections

We source our range by working with local growers, organisations and other land stewards to access flora locally in alternative & low impact ways. We are always keen to hear about new opportunities to source local flora.


Keen to Innovate

Naturally dried flora from the ocean has been part of our range from the start. The beauty of sea foliage is massively underappreciated and under-utilised in our humble opinion and we want to help change that!

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